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Vegetable decolorizer descaling agent containing inhibitor (anti-corrosive substance)

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herbal decolorizer

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Vegetable descaler or descaling agent containing inhibitor (anti-corrosive substance):

This type of declarer, which is also known as vegetable declarer, is an industrial substance that is used to dissolve deposits inside pipes and heating and cooling equipment. which is one of the advantages of this sediment on compatibility with the environment. Another advantage of this sediment is its effect on one-year shelf life in closed systems, which increases the lifespan of cooling and heating systems.

Benefits of discoloring or precipitation on plants:

Easy to use

Increase system efficiency


No corrosion in sensitive metals such as copper and aluminum

Reduce system depreciation

Deposition on without the need to stop the system

Saving energy as well as water and expert manpower

This type of declarator or sediment on different brands is produced and supplied by specialist companies.

Pasargad Tandis Tiva Chemical Company is proud to present this product with the best quality to you dear ones

How to pack and deliver:

20 liter sealed gallons

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