Flammable materials
Flammable chemicals are substances that ignite spontaneously in air (temperature below 40 degrees Celsius). Flammable materials are generally reactive with water, and in case of contact with water or moist...

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Storage of flammable materials

A- Flammable solutions

Small amounts of flammable solutions are stored in bottles with PTFE (Polytertrafluoroethylene) caps. Its larger amounts are kept in metal cylinders (such as gas cylinders) where a special needle is connected to its outlet valve and the air inside the cylinder is replaced with an inert gas (argon or nitrogen) using a completely dry syringe.

B. Flammable solids

Flammable solids are stored in special boxes filled with inert gas. These boxes are extremely expensive, so some of these materials are sold as solutions, and others are stored in containers containing mineral oil (such as paraffin, etc.) or light hydrocarbon solvents. Weakly flammable solids, such as lithium aluminum hydride or sodium hydride, can be stored in normal air for short periods of time, but for long-term storage, they must be stored in containers filled with an inert gas (argon or nitrogen). .

Some flammable materials are:

1- Fine particles of metals including magnesium, calcium, zirconium, uranium

2- Alkaline metals

3- Metal or non-metal hydrides such as sodium hydride, lithium aluminum hydride

4- Organometallic compounds

5- Alkylated derivatives of metal and non-metal hydrides such as diethylaluminum hydride, butyllithium and trimethylaluminum

6- Metal carbonyls

7- Hydrogenation catalysts such as Nickel Raney

8- White or yellow phosphorus

9- Plutonium

10- tellurol methane

11- Arsin

12- Di Buran

13- Phosphine

14- Ceylon

15- Hydrazine

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